The Poetry Won’t Come

This poem was shared by Justin at a debrief after ministering at the home of a family that lost everything in Hurricane Harvey flooding.  


The Poetry won’t come
Persistent Resolve
…Maybe it’s the Friends
I’ve more deeply come to know,
Or maybe the work
That tires these bones.
Despite all the options
The Poetry won’t come…

But it always does in it’s time.
When I need it.
And I need it… But
Not the idea of it.

Not for the open mics,
Or to impress the girl.
But to feed my very soul.
To draw water from the well
Of Creativity, dug by my Father.
To imagine and create, like my Father.
To give Love like my Father,
Because I need Him

That living connection
That spans all distance and direction
We need him

The Love in the chaos
The Savior of Stained Glass
Shattered and broken

Dangerous to the touch
But beautiful to his eye
The eyes of a Creator
Patiently piecing us together

Unique creations of
   Color and Character
Made beautiful
   By The Light of The Son

But loved no more than,
   Any day before.
For perfect love,
   Just can’t help itself.

by Justin Pullin

Group: Ignite

Southeast Missouri state university

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