Lights of Hope

Christmas lights…what is the true meaning?

Christmas lights are a sign of hope. Hope that Santa will soon come. Hope that one day soon presents will appear under the tree. Hope that something good will soon happen and bring happiness to your household.
But did you know that those Christmas lights mean way so much more? These lights aren’t just for Christmas. No matter the season, lights mean hope. Hope for something better.
At Christmas, hope for santa. At Halloween, hope for candy. At Independence day, hope for freedom.
Hope. Throw a string of lights on a tree, and you are showing that you have hope for something.
A tree in Joplin Missouri?
After a monster tornado blew through Joplin last May, the community is looking for help. Help from anyone who is willing to give up some time. Help from people who are willing to lend a hand to help pick up their old life so they can start a new life.
Hope. Joplin has hope that they will be able to start anew.
This past week I got to visit Joplin and do some tornado relief with River Pointe Church from Sugar Land, Texas. It was an awesome week where 25 of us got to clean up debris from a struck house. Fold, sort, and pack some clothes at the Salvation Army. Search through and clean up a plot of farm land. And we got to pick through a tree filled lot helping to clean the land to prepare for a rebuild.
For 4 days, we were the answer to the Hope that this community was looking for. For 4 days, we were the hands and feet that Joplin is searching for. For 4 days, we helped a city work towards regaining their foothold.
Joplin is full of Hope. Keep hoping.

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