162 Trees of Hope

May 22nd, 2011.
162 people died in 32 minutes. 

32 minutes that seemed to last forever.

32 minutes that changed a city’s future…forever.
162 people that were going about their everyday evening.

Then, all of a sudden, a tornado touched down on the outside of town and began a 8 mile march through the heart of town.

Joplin never saw it coming.
But after it came, Joplin can’t erase the memory as the scars are everywhere.

Schools destroyed. Hospitals destroyed. Homes destroyed. Businesses destroyed.

In a quick 32 minutes, 162 people died.
Today, Joplin remembers them by having planted 162 trees in memory. Thousands of trees were lost during the storm, so the city planted the trees to help rebeautify the city and to remember the people.
162 trees. 
162 lives.

162 memories.


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