When Your Plans Change

God Called several “Omaha’s” on us today.  This is when Paton Manning called a play but changes it in the middle of the down.  Today it rained most of the day. We walked to a school of 200 kids and just found 8 kids there. John told us how God helped him raise money to start this school. Then we walked down the hill to see a piece of land that he had to build new and bigger school building.

We then went to Robert’s house to build him a new roof, but here God called another “Omaha” on us.  We were told that the wall that was rebuilt after the earthquake was too weak and it needed to be torn down and rebuilt so our plans changed (as does happens on most mission trips). So we started to remove a small portion of an old wall and dig a deep hole for one of the new posts.

After lunch four of us went to visit 20 kids at the orphanage. These kids were STARVING FOR LOVE AND HUGS. We did not have a guitar to play hot potato but we know a song called “If You’re Happy and You Know It” So, we sang it 50 times. We could have played this game all day long.

Our translator had to leave for a while as God called another “Omaha” on us.  We had to be the translators for a while.  Cesar used and the Creole he knows,  some English, some Spanish, a little French, and a little Portuguese.   Two of the older boys from the orphanage spoke Creole and French they saved us. It was very interesting.



On Friday we ventured out toward the west of Haiti about one hour away.  On the way, we picked up 8 large bags of rice and 3 large bags of beans. We also picked up pastor Fritz.  He has been married 32 years, has 4 grow kids, lives in PAP and has been pastoring this small church for some time.

When we arrived, we carried the food up this hill and to the church where many people had been waiting for us to arrive. The church almost full of people waiting with much patience for the food.

Pastor David from JFBC thanked the church for letting us come to their church.  Then Cesar asked if anyone wanted to share a testimony, or sign a song or say anything.  One man gave a testimony, another man sang a beautiful song, the kids came up and sang, one lady shared, the church secretary spoke.  It was a great impromptu service.

Then we put the food into smaller bags and handed out the bags to each family, prayed for the church and said good-bye.

In the afternoon we went back to Robert’s house to help with the construction.

Then we came home to eat dinner and debrief meeting.


Thanks for all your prayers.

Johnson Ferry Baptist Church Men

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When Your Plans Change