Lights of Hope

Christmas lights…what is the true meaning?     Christmas lights are a sign of hope. Hope that Santa will soon come. Hope that one day soon presents will appear under the tree. Hope that something good will soon happen and bring happiness to your household.   But did you know that those Christmas lights mean way so much more? These lights aren’t just for Christmas. No matter the season, lights mean hope. Hope for something better.   At Christmas, hope for santa. At Halloween, hope for candy. At Independence day, hope for freedom.   Hope. Throw a string...

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Rebuild, Restore, Rejuvinate

I was so priviledged to be granted the amazing opportunity to lead a team of Texan high schoolers to Joplin, MO to help rebuild the city after tornados destroyed it last May. I was not exactly sure what to expect,  as this was my first time on an Encounter trip. I also have not been around high schoolers in a long while. But it was so amazing how we all came together for a single purpose. REBUILD.   This group in particular was kind of a random group. The kids were all from the same church, however most of them didn’t know one another, nor did they know their own counselors...

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