AmeriCorp ~ A New Joplin

AmeriCorp showed up in Joplin as quick as the tornado did.


As soon as the people of Joplin were in trouble, AmeriCorp started mobilizing their people to begin the rescue and rebuild efforts.

And they haven’t left yet.


AmeriCorp staff are working 7 days a week. Always chugging along to help rebuild Joplin. Processing volunteers to get them out into the field. Processing new requests from home owners so that the rebuild can continue. Processing through donations so that the goods can all get to where they need to go…new homes.


In Joplin, Adventures In Missions partners with AmeriCorp where we will be sending more than 250 missionaries this year. More than 250 people will be descending upon Joplin in order to give of their time and lend a helping hand.

Are you interested in coming to Joplin to help rebuild? There is always something to do. Always people to help. Always clothes to fold. Always yards to clean. Always homes to rebuild.

There is always something to do.


To date, the AmeriCorps Recovery Center (ARC) has received over 75,000 volunteers for a total of 512,286 volunteer hours. These hours equate to nearly $17.7 million that will help the City off-set the cost of recovery.

If you want to join AmeriCorp and Adventures In Missions in the rebuilding process of Joplin, please, set up a trip for your team and lets get to rebuilding Joplin. Simply call Adventures In Missions at 770.983.1060 and ask about setting up a trip to Joplin. We would love to work with you in bringing hope to the beautiful people of Joplin!!

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